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VinsDiam Innovation Group is located in the Novosibirsk Scientific Center. The Group is engaged in research of natural and lab-grown (created) diamonds, development and improvement of diamond color enhancement and growth technologies. The research team of VinsDiam Innnovation Group consists of highly skilled specialists in the field of modern material science, diamond physics and diamond mineralogy. The team is headed by Victor G.Vins, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.


VinsDiam Innovation Group is engaged in solving theoretical and practical scientific tasks. All technologies developed by the Group are used or can be used to produce commercial goods. Our work is focused on the following areas:




Fundamental research
Theoretical and practical research
Transformation of defects and impurities in the diamond crystal lattice
Gem Color Enhancement Technologies
Other technologies
Natural diamonds
Created diamonds
Other gems
Deep cleaning technologies
Diamond growth from biographite (memorial diamonds and diamonds from roses)
Development of commercial technologies of etching coats from coated diamonds
Improvement of common technologies, such as:
  1. treatment1
  2. «Imperial Red» multi-step technology2
Development of the cutting edge technologies involving high temperature treatment in the graphite stability field, such as:
  1. treatment3
  2. LPH treatment4
Development of new color enhancement technologies for HPHT grown diamonds:
  • to change the original brownish-yellow color of the diamond to fancy pink or bright greenish-yellow;
  • to enhance the original bluish gray color of created diamonds to grayish blue.
Development of color enhancement technologies for other gems, such as ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, etc.


  • Development of new graphite deep cleaning technologies;
  • Improvement of natural and created diamond deep cleaning technology.
1 treatment (abbreviated from high pressure high temperature) is a wide-spread technology of producing fancy yellow and green diamonds. 
2The multi-step «Imperial Red» technology is used to produce fancy red diamonds. The technology consists of several treatment stages: HPHT treatment, fast electron irradiation, high temperature annealing at 800 – 1500.
3APHT treatment (abbreviated from atmospheric pressure high temperature) is a high temperature annealing at 1500 – 2300 under atmospheric pressure. 
4LPH treatment (abbreviated from low pressure high temperature) is a high temperature plasma-chemical treatment at 1500 – 2300 under low pressure.

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