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For Investors

We invite serious investors and investment companies to finance the factory for created diamond production. The diamonds will be grown by temperature gradient method at high temperatures and pressures (HPHT growth) in over 100 high pressure apparatus of the BARS type. HPHT created type Ib, IIa and IIb diamonds to be grown will be of a perfect crystalline quality. Now the technologists of our Group can grow created diamonds up to 5.5 carats in rough, from which 0.5 to 2.0 carat polished fancy yellow, pink/red and blue diamonds are produced. These diamonds cost from $2,500 to $5,000 per carat. At the new factory the size of the grown diamonds will be increased to 9-10 mm (8 carats) in the beginning and to 15-20 mm in rough afterwards.

Фотография ограненного цветного HPHT выращенного алмазаIt should be pointed out that this project will provide total recoupment of capital investment. Today the capacity of only one market of polished colored HPHT created diamonds is such that it will absorb the entire production of the future factory, i.e. polished created diamonds grown in 100 BARS apparatus. Moreover, there is a demand for substrates for CVD growth of diamonds and elements for optical appliances over 6 mm in size. Such sizes are difficult to find at the market and the sizes over 9 mm are not possible to find. The new factory will allow growing substrates for CVD growth of these sizes and even larger.

To provide recoupment of capital investment the following goods will be produced at the first stage:

  •  polished fancy yellow, pink and blue created diamonds which are in high demand at the jewelry market;
  • unique ophthalmic scalpels and diamond edge tools with an edge width less than 100 nm;
  • substrates for CVD diamond growth over 6×6 mm2 in size.

Photo of colored HPHT created diamondAlong with the production of the above-mentioned goods, it is proposed to grow diamonds for ultra high-tech applications in micro- and nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and quantum spintronics. High-tech applications of diamond are limited because of the absence of diamonds with required properties. Average natural diamonds are small (about several mm), the stones over 10 mm in size are rare and very expensive. But the main difficulty is that natural diamonds contain uncontrollable defects and impurities which cause a huge spread of their parameters. It has become evident recently that only created diamonds (grown both at high pressures (HPHT) and at low pressures (CVD, carbon vapour deposition) can be used in numerous high-tech applications. According to many researchers, created diamonds will play a crucial role in ultra high-tech areas, such as micro-, opto- and bioelectronics, quantum cryptography, X-ray optics and possibly creation of quantum computers. It should be noted that new applications for diamond are found mainly by western companies, in the first place by «Element Six», a De Beers subsidiary company. The absence of our own source of created diamonds makes national high-tech companies totally depend on the world monopolists, «Element Six» (E6) and «Sumitomo Electric Industries».

We propose to set up the production of a strategic material – an HPHT created diamond of a perfect crystalline quality with a controllable content of structural defects. The produced diamonds will be of the same and even higher quality than the best existing HPHT created diamonds. We will produce diamonds with the following properties:Photo of colored HPHT created diamonds

  • Colorless type IIa crystals with low nitrogen content (less than 1 ppm). These diamonds will be transparent in the IR, visible and UV regions of the spectrum. They will exceed natural type IIa diamonds in their optical and thermal properties;
  • Blue boron-doped type IIb diamonds with semiconductor properties – p-type conductivity;
  • Single impurity type IIa+Ib and Ib diamonds, with a concentration of disperse nitrogen varying from 1 to 200 ppm;
  • Average maximum size of the produced diamonds will be up to 9-10 mm (up to 8 carats) at the first stage. Afterwards it will be increased to 15-20 mm.
The apparatus used for diamond growth can also be used for high temperature annealing of the grown diamonds in order to modify their impurity and defect structure and find new applications.
Produced diamonds can serve as a base for the creation of:
  • optical windows for high power lasers and optical devices;
  • high temperature electronic sensors (thermal resistors);
  • diamond anvils for high pressure chambers;
  • radiation sensors;
  • heat sink and heat removal;
  • substrates for ion implantation for chips and semiconductor devices (Shottky diode).


If you have questions, contact us by phone/fax or email: +7-383-363-0980;,


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