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VinsDiam UDDC Technology

VinsDiam UDDC Technology is a completely new ultra deep diamond cleaning technology developed by VinsDiam Innovation Group in 2009-2010. The efficiency of this technology surpasses by far the existing cleaning technologies used by diamond-mining companies: even large inclusions of any nature can be completely removed from diamonds if they are connected to the surface through the tiniest fractures. The greatest efficiency can be achieved if VinsDiam UDDC technology is used to clean diamonds mined from diamond placers. Our estimates show that the value of contaminated diamonds increases 1.5-2 times after cleaning.

The photos show contaminated diamonds before and after one run of cleaning using VinsDiam UDDC technology. The samples are courtesy of “Sibalmaz, Ltd.” (Omsk).
Photo by Vladimir Kurnosov (Novosibirsk).

 According to the cleaning technology that is widely used these days, rough and cut diamonds are cleaned in acid mixtures in sampling devices. (A summary of this technology that has already become traditional is given in the article by O.Kozmenko and V.Vins). However, all sampling devices with PTFE and reinforced PTFE autoclaves have temperature limits of 220-2400C which save PTFE from shrinking and chemical degradation. Moreover, these devices have been originally designed for other purposes and have to meet certain requirements, such as chemical purity requirements to the inside container and the absence of volatile components transport. These requirements seem insignificant and redundant for the diamond cleaning technology.

The results of cleaning of diamonds with the traditional technology in different sampling devices are often similar. After two or three cleaning runs (after each run a new acid mixture is poured in the autoclave) over a half of diamonds from different mines with open or half-open contaminated fractures and inclusions are cleaned. When the remaining contaminated diamonds are subjected to another run of cleaning, about a half of them is cleaned from contaminants. In any case, there are always some diamonds that have not been cleaned because they have either extremely narrow fractures or extremely large mineral inclusions locked inside by narrow fractures. These diamonds could only be cleaned if they were cleaned at 220-2400C for several days.

In VinsDiam UDDC technology diamonds are cleaned at a temperature exceeding 3000C under an equilibrium pressure of acid vapor of 200-400 atm. This gives us the following advantages:

  1. In such cleaning conditions (T and P) only one reaction mixture can be used to clean out both syngenetic mineral inclusions and epigenetic iron-containing contaminants and bitumen in diamond. The reaction activity of the acid mixture is so intensive under such cleaning conditions that there are almost no differences between reaction capacities of the acid mixtures used for cleaning in the traditional technology. Thus, VinsDiam UDDC technology becomes a one-step cleaning procedure which takes less time.
  2. VinsDiam UDDC technology almost always dilutes even large inclusions completely provided they are connected to the surface through the narrowest fractures.
  3. The efficiency of VinsDiam UDDC technology seems to surpass laser drilling, a well-known diamond clarity enhancement technology, because our technology is not considered to be an enhancement technology.

At present we have designed and are using three laboratory-based devices to clean diamonds.


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