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Using well-known and our own cutting-edge technologies we produce unique colored natural and created diamonds. Not all people know about natural colored diamonds. Yellow, blue, pink, red and green natural diamonds are rare and expensive. Prohibitively expensive are blue, pink, red and green natural diamonds. VinsDiam color enhanced natural and created diamonds look exactly the same as natural colored diamonds and have all the properties of natural colored diamonds. Our color enhanced diamonds can be distinguished from natural colored diamonds only with the help of special equipment. The color is changed at the atomic level. It will never fade away or change even if the diamond is cut or set in jewelry. VinsDiam color enhanced diamonds are friendly to the environment and safe for people.

We offer to our customers:

  1. Polished fancy color created diamonds  
    • Light-to-deep blue
      blue diamondsFancy Blue Diamonds
    • Light pink to deep red
      Pink diamonds
    • Light yellow to brownish yellow, greenish yellow and yellowish green
      Yellow DiamondsGreen Diamonds
  2. Polished color-enhanced natural diamonds
    • Pink/red
      red/pink diamonds
    • Yellow/green
      yellow/green diamonds


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